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Who Can Apply for a Malta Golden Visa?

The Malta Individual Investor Program (MIIP) allows individuals and their families to apply for Maltese citizenship through investment. The program is open to both non-EU and EU/EEA/Swiss nationals who meet the eligibility criteria and are willing to make the required investments.

Here are some key points regarding who can apply for a Malta Golden Visa:

Non-EU Nationals: Non-EU nationals who are at least 18 years old can apply for the MIIP. They must meet the investment requirements, pass a due diligence process, and fulfill other eligibility criteria.

EU/EEA/Swiss Nationals: EU/EEA/Swiss nationals are also eligible to apply for the MIIP, although their eligibility is subject to certain conditions. They must have been resident in Malta for at least six months before submitting their application and meet other requirements.

Dependents: The MIIP allows for the inclusion of dependent family members in the application, including a spouse or partner in a proven stable relationship, minor children, and financially dependent adult children up to 27 years old. Dependent parents or grandparents can also be included under certain circumstances.

Good Character Requirement: All applicants must meet the program’s good character requirements, including having a clean criminal record and passing a comprehensive due diligence process.

Financial Suitability: Applicants must demonstrate that their source of funds for the required investments is legal and obtained through legitimate means.

It’s important to note that each applicant and their family members will need to fulfill the individual eligibility criteria and requirements of the MIIP. It’s recommended to consult with immigration lawyers or specialized advisors who are familiar with the program to understand the specific eligibility requirements and application process accurately.

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