Which kinds of helicopters are used in tourism?

Various types of helicopters are used in tourism to provide scenic flights, aerial tours, and transportation services. The choice of helicopter depends on factors such as the operator’s preference, the specific tour or service being offered, and the local regulations. Here are some common types of helicopters used in tourism:

Robinson R44: The Robinson R44 is a popular light helicopter often used in tourism due to its versatility and affordability. It can accommodate up to four passengers, including the pilot, and offers good visibility from its large windows.

Airbus H125 (formerly Eurocopter AS350): The Airbus H125, known for its reliability and performance, is frequently used in tourism. It has a spacious cabin, large windows for panoramic views, and can carry several passengers, depending on the seating configuration.

Bell 206 JetRanger: The Bell 206 JetRanger is a widely recognized and utilized helicopter in the tourism industry. It has a reputation for its smooth and comfortable ride, and its seating capacity typically ranges from three to five passengers.

Airbus H130 (formerly Eurocopter EC130): The Airbus H130 is a popular choice for tourism due to its spacious cabin and excellent visibility through its panoramic windows. It can carry up to seven passengers, offering a comfortable and scenic experience.

Bell 407: The Bell 407 is a versatile helicopter that is commonly used for tourism and aerial sightseeing. It features a spacious cabin, large windows, and can accommodate up to six passengers, providing an enjoyable flying experience.

MD 500: The MD 500 is a smaller, lightweight helicopter often employed for tourism and aerial tours. It has a compact design, can carry up to four passengers, and is suitable for accessing scenic areas with limited landing space.

Augusta A109: The Augusta A109 is a twin-engine helicopter frequently used for luxury tourism and VIP transport. It offers a comfortable and refined cabin environment, advanced avionics, and can accommodate up to seven passengers.

These are just a few examples of helicopters commonly used in tourism. The specific models and availability may vary depending on the location, tour operator, and local regulations. Each helicopter type has its unique features, seating capacity, and performance characteristics that cater to different tourism needs and preferences.

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