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Which EU Countries Offer Golden Visas and Investment Schemes?

Several European Union (EU) countries offer Golden Visas and investment schemes to attract foreign investment and stimulate economic growth. Here are some EU countries that have such programs:

Portugal: Portugal offers the Golden Visa program, which grants residency in exchange for various investment options, including real estate purchases, capital transfers, job creation, or scientific research. After five years, it is possible to apply for Portuguese citizenship.

Spain: Spain offers the Golden Visa program, known as the “Residency Visa for Investors.” It requires a minimum investment, such as purchasing real estate, investing in business projects, or government bonds. Residency permits can be obtained for a renewable period and can lead to long-term residence or citizenship.

Greece: Greece has the Golden Visa program, allowing individuals to obtain residency by making qualifying investments, including real estate purchases, bank deposits, or business investments. After seven years, individuals can apply for Greek citizenship.

Malta: Malta offers the Malta Individual Investor Program (MIIP), which grants citizenship to individuals who make a significant economic contribution to the country. This program requires a substantial financial investment, including a donation to the National Development and Social Fund, purchasing or leasing property, and other financial requirements.

Cyprus: Cyprus has the Cyprus Investment Program, which grants citizenship to individuals who meet specific investment criteria. This includes a minimum investment amount, such as purchasing real estate, making a financial contribution to the government, or investing in business activities.

Latvia: Latvia offers the Residence Permit for Investment (RPFI) program, which grants residency permits to individuals who invest in various qualifying investment options, such as real estate, bank deposits, or business investments.

It’s important to note that the specific requirements, investment thresholds, and benefits can vary between countries. Each program has its own regulations, application process, and investment options. It’s recommended to thoroughly research the programs, consult with immigration lawyers or specialized advisors, and consider the long-term implications before participating in any Golden Visa or investment scheme.

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