Which Big-Ship Cruise Lines have VIP Options & concierge lounge?

Several big-ship cruise lines offer VIP options and concierge lounges to provide enhanced services and amenities for their guests. Here are a few examples:

Royal Caribbean International: Royal Caribbean offers a suite program called the “Royal Suite Class” on select ships. This program includes exclusive access to a suite-only lounge called the Coastal Kitchen, as well as a range of benefits such as priority boarding, dedicated concierge services, and reserved seating at shows and events.

Norwegian Cruise Line: Norwegian Cruise Line offers a program called “The Haven” on many of their ships. The Haven is a luxurious ship-within-a-ship concept, featuring private suites, a private pool area, a dedicated restaurant, and a concierge lounge exclusively for Haven guests.

MSC Cruises: MSC Cruises has a Yacht Club concept on their ships, providing an exclusive and luxurious experience for guests. Yacht Club guests have access to a private lounge, a dedicated restaurant, a private pool deck, and other VIP amenities.

Celebrity Cruises: Celebrity Cruises offers a suite program called “The Retreat” on their ships. The Retreat provides suite guests with access to a private lounge called the Retreat Lounge, a dedicated restaurant, a private sun deck, and other exclusive amenities.

Carnival Cruise Line: Carnival Cruise Line has a suite program called “Carnival Excel” on their newest ship, Mardi Gras. The Excel suites offer exclusive access to a suite-only enclave called Loft 19, which features a private pool, sun deck, and a dedicated concierge.

These are just a few examples, and other big-ship cruise lines may have similar VIP options and concierge lounge experiences. It’s important to research the specific offerings and amenities provided by each cruise line to determine which one aligns best with your preferences and needs.

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