Where to leave your car while flying?

When flying, there are several options available for parking your car:

Airport Parking: Most airports offer long-term parking facilities for travelers. These parking lots are often located near the terminals, making it convenient to access the airport. However, airport parking can be more expensive compared to other options, especially for extended periods.

Off-Site Parking Lots: There are private parking lots located near airports that offer competitive rates for long-term parking. These lots often provide shuttle services to and from the airport terminals, making it convenient for travelers. It’s advisable to research and book parking in advance to secure a spot and potentially get discounted rates.

Park and Fly Hotels: Some hotels near airports offer special packages that include overnight accommodation and long-term parking. This option can be beneficial if you need to stay overnight before or after your flight, as it provides both parking and accommodation in one package.

Ride-Sharing Services: If you prefer not to drive your car to the airport, you can use ride-sharing services like Uber or Lyft. These services can drop you off and pick you up directly at the airport terminals, eliminating the need for parking.

Car Storage Facilities: If you are going on an extended trip and prefer a secure storage option for your car, you can consider car storage facilities near the airport. These facilities provide a secure and monitored environment for long-term car storage.

It’s recommended to consider factors such as cost, convenience, security, and distance from the airport when choosing a parking option. Additionally, it’s advisable to make parking arrangements in advance, especially during busy travel periods, to ensure availability and potentially secure discounted rates.

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