Travel Gear

Where are travel gear shops near me in Europe?

Outdoor and Adventure Stores: Europe has a variety of outdoor and adventure stores that carry travel gear. Examples include Decathlon (a popular chain with locations throughout Europe), Globetrotter (Germany), Go Outdoors (UK), and SportPursuit (online retailer with European shipping).

Department Stores: Major department stores in Europe often have travel or luggage sections where you can find basic travel gear. Examples include Galeries Lafayette (France), El Corte Ingl?s (Spain), Debenhams (UK), and Karstadt (Germany).

Specialty Travel Stores: Some cities in Europe have specialty travel stores that specifically cater to travel gear and accessories. These stores offer a variety of travel-related products, including luggage, backpacks, travel adapters, packing organizers, and more. You can search online or use map applications to find travel stores in specific European cities.

Outdoor and Travel Gear Chains: Look for outdoor and travel gear chains that have locations across Europe. Examples include The North Face, Patagonia, Columbia, and Kathmandu. These stores often have a wide selection of travel gear suitable for different types of trips and outdoor activities.

Online Retailers: Consider exploring online retailers that offer shipping to Europe. Websites such as Amazon,,, and provide a wide range of travel gear options. Check their shipping policies to ensure they deliver to your European location.

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