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What is the UK Skilled Worker Visa?

The UK Skilled Worker Visa, formerly known as the Tier 2 (General) Visa, is designed for skilled workers who have a job offer from a UK employer and meet the specific eligibility criteria. This visa allows individuals to live and work in the UK for an extended period, subject to certain conditions.

Here are key details about the UK Skilled Worker Visa:

Job offer requirement: To apply for this visa, individuals must have a job offer from a UK employer who holds a valid Tier 2 sponsorship license. The job offer must be for a skilled position that meets specific skill level and salary requirements.

Skill and salary requirements: The job offer must be at a skill level equivalent to or above RQF Level 3 (Regulated Qualifications Framework), which generally corresponds to jobs requiring a minimum of a bachelor’s degree or relevant work experience. The employer must also offer a salary that meets or exceeds the minimum salary threshold for the specific occupation.

Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS): The employer must provide the individual with a Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) to include in the visa application. The CoS serves as evidence that the employer has fulfilled certain obligations and is sponsoring the individual for the visa.

Points-based system: The UK Skilled Worker Visa operates on a points-based system, where individuals must accumulate a specific number of points to be eligible. Points are awarded based on factors such as having a valid job offer, meeting the skill and salary requirements, and demonstrating English language proficiency.

English language proficiency: Applicants are generally required to prove their English language proficiency by passing an approved English language test or by having an academic qualification that was taught in English or being a national of a majority English-speaking country.

Immigration Health Surcharge: When applying for the visa, individuals are required to pay the Immigration Health Surcharge, which provides access to the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) during their stay.

Length of stay: The initial Skilled Worker Visa can be granted for up to five years, depending on the length of the job offer. After five years, individuals may be eligible to apply for settlement (indefinite leave to remain) in the UK.

It’s important to note that the UK Skilled Worker Visa has specific requirements and the immigration system is subject to change. It’s advisable to consult the official UK government website or seek professional immigration advice for the most up-to-date and accurate information regarding the Skilled Worker Visa and its requirements.

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