What is Multiple-Airlines Itinerary?

A multiple-airlines itinerary, also known as a multi-carrier itinerary, is a flight itinerary that involves traveling on multiple airlines for different segments of your journey. Instead of flying with a single airline for the entire trip, you may have flights operated by different airlines to reach your destination.

For example, let’s say you are traveling from New York to Bangkok. Instead of booking a direct flight with a single airline, you may find it more convenient or cost-effective to book separate flights on different airlines. You might fly from New York to Dubai with one airline and then continue from Dubai to Bangkok with another airline.

Booking a multiple-airlines itinerary can offer several advantages. It allows you to take advantage of different airlines’ routes and schedules, potentially providing more flight options and better connections. It can also give you the flexibility to choose airlines based on factors such as pricing, loyalty programs, or preferred services.

However, when booking a multiple-airlines itinerary, there are a few things to consider:

Baggage and check-in: You’ll need to check if your baggage will be automatically transferred between airlines or if you’ll need to collect and recheck it during layovers. Additionally, you may need to check-in separately for each flight segment.

Terminal changes: If your flights involve different airlines, they may depart from different terminals or even different airports. Be sure to allow enough time to transfer between terminals if needed.

Protection and assistance: It’s important to check the conditions and policies of each airline regarding delays, cancellations, and assistance in case of missed connections. Some airlines may offer protection and rebooking options for connecting flights, while others may have limited cooperation with other carriers.

When booking a multiple-airlines itinerary, you can either book each flight segment separately on different airline websites or use flight search engines or travel agencies that allow you to compare and book flights from multiple airlines in a single booking.

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