What if my name no longer matches my ID due to marriage?

If your name no longer matches your identification document, due to marriage or any other reason, it is recommended to update your identification to reflect your current legal name. This can help avoid potential issues during the boarding process of a cruise trip.
To ensure a smooth travel experience, you may need to follow these steps:

1. Update your Identification: Obtain a new passport or other government-issued identification document that reflects your current legal name. This typically involves providing the necessary documentation, such as a marriage certificate, to the appropriate government agency.
2. Carry Supporting Documentation: In addition to your updated identification, it can be helpful to carry supporting documentation that demonstrates the connection between your current and previous names. This can include your marriage certificate or other legal documents that show the name change.
3. Notify the Cruise Line: It is advisable to inform the cruise line about the name change prior to your trip. They can provide guidance on their specific requirements and procedures for name discrepancies, ensuring a smoother boarding process.

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