What happens if I get sick onboard a Royal Caribbean cruise ship?

If you get sick onboard a Royal Caribbean cruise ship, there are medical facilities and staff available to provide medical care. Here’s what typically happens:

1. Medical Care: Royal Caribbean ships have qualified medical professionals who can assess and treat various illnesses and injuries. You should contact the ship’s medical team immediately or inform a crew member to receive the necessary medical attention.
2. Isolation and Quarantine: Depending on the illness, the ship’s medical team may advise isolation or quarantine measures to prevent the spread of the illness. These measures protect the health of all passengers and crew.
3. Medical Expenses: Medical services onboard usually incur additional charges, and the costs for medical care, medications, and treatments will be billed to your onboard account. Having travel insurance that covers medical expenses is advisable.

Seek medical attention promptly if you become sick onboard and follow the guidance of the ship’s medical staff. Review your cruise booking and travel insurance policy for coverage details regarding onboard medical expenses.

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