What family legal documents do I need to board a Caribbean cruise ship?

When traveling on a Caribbean cruise with your family, you typically need the following legal documents:
1. Passports: Ensure all family members have valid passports, which serve as the primary form of identification for international travel.
2. Birth Certificates: If any family members, particularly children, don’t have passports, carry their original or certified copies of birth certificates. These may be required as proof of age and citizenship, especially for closed-loop cruises that start and end at the same U.S. port.
3. Consent Letters: If a child is traveling without both parents or legal guardians, notarized consent letters from the absent parent(s) may be necessary to grant permission for the child to travel.
4. Marriage Certificate or Divorce Decree: If there have been name changes due to marriage or divorce, carrying a marriage certificate or divorce decree can serve as documentation for the name change.

Remember, the specific requirements can vary based on the cruise line and the countries you’ll visit. Check the guidelines of your chosen cruise line and consult the official immigration websites of the countries you’ll be visiting for the most current information on required family legal documents.

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