What Does EmeraldPLUS Discover Mean?

EmeraldPLUS Discover is a program offered by Emerald Waterways, a river cruise company. It is designed to provide guests with unique and immersive experiences during their river cruise, allowing them to delve deeper into the destinations they visit. Here’s what EmeraldPLUS Discover means:

Exclusive Experiences: EmeraldPLUS Discover offers exclusive experiences that are specially curated for guests of Emerald Waterways. These experiences go beyond typical shore excursions and aim to provide a deeper understanding and connection to the local culture, history, and traditions of the destinations.

Cultural Immersion: The program focuses on cultural immersion, allowing guests to engage with the local communities and traditions of the regions they visit. This can include activities such as attending local performances, participating in workshops, visiting local markets, or enjoying authentic dining experiences.

Enhanced Itineraries: EmeraldPLUS Discover enhances the standard cruise itineraries by adding unique experiences and activities along the way. These experiences are often included in the cruise package, offering guests the opportunity to explore the destinations in a more meaningful and memorable way.

Expert Local Guides: The program is led by knowledgeable local guides who are experts in the destinations. They provide insights, historical context, and local perspectives, enriching the overall experience for guests.

Examples of EmeraldPLUS Discover experiences may include wine tastings at local vineyards, cooking classes with local chefs, visits to cultural landmarks or historical sites, traditional music or dance performances, or interactive workshops showcasing local crafts or traditions.

It’s worth noting that the specific EmeraldPLUS Discover experiences can vary depending on the itinerary and destination of your river cruise. The program is designed to enhance the overall river cruise experience and provide guests with unique and enriching moments that they may not encounter on their own.

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