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What Does a Visa Look Like?

A visa typically takes the form of a stamp, sticker, or endorsement affixed to a traveler’s passport or a separate document. The appearance of a visa can vary depending on the country issuing it, but there are some common elements:

Visa sticker: Many countries place a visa sticker directly on a blank page of the passport. The sticker may include information such as the traveler’s name, passport number, visa type, date of issue, validity dates, and the issuing authority. It may also contain security features such as holograms, watermarks, or special inks to prevent counterfeiting.

Visa stamp: Some countries use ink stamps to indicate visa issuance. The stamp is typically imprinted directly on a passport page and includes similar information as the visa sticker.

Visa endorsement: In some cases, a visa may be an endorsement or notation made directly on a passport page without the use of a sticker or stamp. The endorsement includes relevant visa information and is usually signed or stamped by the issuing authority.

The design and appearance of visas can vary significantly between countries. Some visas may be more elaborate and feature intricate designs, while others may be more straightforward with minimal information. It’s important to carefully review the visa details to ensure accuracy and to comply with the conditions of entry and stay specified on the visa.

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