What are the river cruises from Lyon?

Here are some popular river cruises from Lyon:
1. Rh?ne River Cruise: Embark on a journey along the scenic Rh?ne River, exploring the beautiful landscapes, vineyards, and historic towns of the Rh?ne Valley. Stops may include Avignon, Arles, Tournon-sur-Rh?ne, and Beaune.
2. Sa?ne River Cruise: Discover the picturesque Sa?ne River, which flows through Lyon. This cruise often combines with the Rh?ne River, offering a comprehensive exploration of the region.
3. Burgundy and Provence Cruise: Experience the best of Burgundy and Provence regions, including stops in Lyon, Macon, Chalon-sur-Sa?ne, Avignon, and Arles. This cruise is known for its culinary delights, exquisite wines, and beautiful countryside.
4. Rh?ne and Sa?ne Rivers Christmas Cruise: During the holiday season, enjoy a festive cruise along the Rh?ne and Sa?ne rivers, visiting Christmas markets, tasting seasonal delicacies, and exploring charming towns.

These river cruises from Lyon provide an opportunity to discover the cultural, historical, and culinary treasures of the Rh?ne Valley and its surrounding regions.

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