What are the main areas or attractions on the different decks of a cruise ship?

On a cruise ship, you’ll find different decks with various attractions and areas:
1. Main Deck/Deck 1: Crew areas and sometimes passenger cabins.
2. Promenade Deck/Deck 2: Outdoor walking area, shops, boutiques.
3. Plaza Deck/Deck 5: Atrium, reception desks, guest services, shops, bars.
4. Lido Deck/Deck 9: Pools, water slides, sun loungers, casual dining options.
5. Entertainment Deck/Deck 3 or 4: Theaters, lounges, cinemas, and sometimes a casino.
6. Dining Decks: Main dining room(s), specialty restaurants, casual eateries.
7. Spa and Wellness Deck: Spa, fitness center, saunas, steam rooms.
8. Observation Deck: Panoramic views, observation lounges, outdoor viewing areas.
9. Sports Deck: Sports courts, mini-golf, jogging tracks.
10. Sun Deck: Open deck areas, sun loungers, sometimes pool areas.

These are just a few examples of the main areas you’ll find on different decks of a cruise ship.

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