What are the key differences between river cruise and ocean cruise?

The key differences between river cruises and ocean cruises are:
1. Size and Navigation: River cruises use smaller vessels designed for rivers and inland waterways, while ocean cruises operate on larger ships built for open sea navigation.
2. Itinerary and Destinations: River cruises focus on specific rivers or regions, exploring inland cities and towns. Ocean cruises cover larger distances, visiting various ports of call in different countries or regions.
3. Scenic Views: River cruises offer picturesque views of riverside landscapes and historic landmarks. Ocean cruises provide expansive views of the open sea.
4. Onboard Experience: River cruises offer a more intimate and relaxed atmosphere due to smaller ship size. Ocean cruises provide more amenities and entertainment options due to larger ship size.
5. Excursions and Activities: River cruises often include guided shore excursions to explore the visited destinations. Ocean cruises offer a variety of onboard activities and optional shore excursions at additional cost.
6. Dining and Cuisine: River cruises focus on local cuisine and offer intimate dining experiences. Ocean cruises provide a wider range of dining options, including specialty restaurants and larger dining venues.
7. Seasickness: River cruises experience minimal waves and are generally smoother. Ocean cruises may encounter rougher seas and larger waves, increasing the possibility of seasickness.

These differences allow travelers to choose the type of cruise that aligns with their preferences and desired experience.

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