What are the Gratuities And Tipping Policy On A River Cruise?

Gratuities and tipping policies on river cruises can vary depending on the cruise line you are traveling with. However, here are some general guidelines regarding gratuities and tipping on river cruises:

Inclusive Gratuities: Many river cruise lines have adopted the practice of including gratuities in the overall cruise fare. This means that the gratuities for the onboard staff, including the waitstaff, cabin stewards, and other service personnel, are typically already included in the cruise price. In such cases, you are not expected to provide additional gratuities unless you wish to recognize exceptional service.

Optional Discretionary Gratuities: Some river cruise lines allow passengers to provide additional gratuities to the onboard staff at their discretion. These discretionary gratuities are typically not expected but are appreciated if you feel the service provided by a particular crew member exceeded your expectations.

Crew Tip Pooling: On some river cruises, the gratuities may be pooled and distributed among the entire onboard crew, ensuring that all staff members receive a share of the gratuities regardless of their specific role.

It’s important to check the specific tipping policy of the river cruise line you are traveling with, as it may vary. You can typically find this information on the cruise line’s website or in the pre-cruise documentation provided to you. If you have booked your river cruise through a travel agent, they can also provide you with details regarding the tipping policy.

In addition to gratuities for the onboard staff, it’s common to provide separate tips for local guides and drivers during shore excursions. These tips are usually given directly to the guides or drivers at your discretion and are not included in the cruise fare.

It’s important to note that the guidelines provided here are general, and it’s recommended to review the specific tipping policy of your river cruise line to ensure that you adhere to their guidelines and customs.

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