What are the accommodation options like on budget cruise ships?

On budget cruise ships, the accommodation options are typically more basic compared to luxury or premium cruise ships. Here are some common types of accommodation you may find on budget cruise ships:
1. Inside Cabins: These are the most affordable options and are located in the interior of the ship with no windows or natural light. They are usually compact but offer all the necessary amenities for a comfortable stay.
2. Oceanview Cabins: These cabins have a window or porthole that provides a view of the ocean. They are slightly more expensive than inside cabins but still offer a budget-friendly option.
3. Balcony Cabins: Some budget cruise ships also offer balcony cabins, which provide a private outdoor space with seating. Balcony cabins are generally priced higher than inside and oceanview cabins but can still be more affordable compared to higher-end cruise ships.
4. Shared Cabins: To further save on costs, some budget cruise lines offer shared cabins where multiple passengers share a larger cabin with bunk beds or twin beds. This option is suitable for solo travelers or those traveling with friends or family on a budget.

It’s important to note that the cabin size and amenities may vary between different budget cruise lines and ships. While the accommodation may be more basic, the focus is typically on providing a comfortable and functional space for passengers to rest and relax during their cruise.

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