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Under what circumstances can the Australia Student Visa get cancelled?

The Department of Home Affairs in Australia has the authority to cancel a student visa under various circumstances. Some of the common reasons for student visa cancellation include:

Breach of Visa Conditions: If you fail to comply with the conditions of your student visa, such as maintaining full-time enrollment, attending classes regularly, or abiding by work limitations, the Department may consider canceling your visa.

Non-Compliance with National Laws: Engaging in activities that violate Australian laws, such as criminal offenses or involvement in activities that pose a threat to national security, can lead to visa cancellation.

Character Concerns: If you fail to meet the character requirements for the student visa, including providing false or misleading information, having a criminal record, or being associated with criminal or extremist organizations, your visa may be canceled.

Health Issues: If you are found to have a health condition that poses a risk to public health or requires significant healthcare resources, your visa may be canceled.

Academic Misconduct: If you are found to have engaged in academic dishonesty or misconduct, such as plagiarism or cheating, your education provider may report this to the Department, which could result in visa cancellation.

Non-Genuine Temporary Entrant: If the Department determines that you are not a genuine student and that your intention to stay in Australia is not for genuine study purposes, your visa may be canceled.

Immigration Fraud: If you have provided false documents or misleading information during the visa application process or at any stage while holding the visa, your visa may be canceled.

It’s important to note that visa cancellation is a serious matter, and the specific circumstances and procedures for cancellation can vary. If your student visa is at risk of being canceled, it’s advisable to seek immediate legal advice or consult with a registered migration agent to understand your options and take appropriate action.

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