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How Long Can I Stay in the US With an M1 Visa?

With an M-1 visa, you can generally stay in the United States for the duration of your approved vocational or non-academic program, as indicated on your Form I-20. The length of stay will depend on the specific program and the dates specified on your I-20.

It’s important to note that your stay in the U.S. should be temporary and limited to the duration necessary to complete your vocational program. Once your program is completed, you are expected to depart the United States. If you need additional time for your program or if there are any changes to your program, you should consult with your Designated School Official (DSO) and request an extension or update to your Form I-20.

It’s essential to maintain your legal status during your stay in the United States. This includes maintaining full-time enrollment, complying with the rules and regulations of your educational institution, and abiding by the terms of your M-1 visa.

If you wish to stay longer in the United States for other purposes or pursue additional studies, you may need to explore other visa options or apply for a change of status within the United States. It’s recommended to consult with an immigration attorney or your educational institution’s International Student Office for guidance on specific scenarios and options available to you.

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