Travel Money

How do I get cash from my travel card?

To get cash from your travel money card, you can follow these general steps:

Locate an ATM: Find an ATM that accepts the type of travel money card you have. Look for ATMs displaying the logo of the card network (Visa, Mastercard, etc.) that is associated with your travel money card.

Insert Your Card: Insert your travel money card into the ATM’s card slot. The ATM should read the card and initiate the transaction process.

Enter Your PIN: The ATM will prompt you to enter your PIN (Personal Identification Number) associated with the travel money card. Enter the PIN using the keypad provided on the ATM.

Select Withdrawal: On the ATM screen, select the option for cash withdrawal or a similar option. The specific wording may vary depending on the ATM interface.

Enter Amount: Enter the amount of cash you wish to withdraw. Keep in mind any withdrawal limits imposed by your travel money card or the ATM itself.

Confirm and Collect Cash: Verify the transaction details displayed on the ATM screen and confirm the withdrawal. The ATM will dispense the requested amount of cash. Remember to collect your cash promptly.

Retrieve Your Card: After completing the withdrawal, the ATM will prompt you to retrieve your travel money card. Make sure to remove your card from the ATM before leaving.

It’s important to be aware of any fees associated with cash withdrawals on your travel money card. These fees can include international ATM withdrawal fees, currency conversion fees, or charges imposed by the ATM operator. Check with your travel money card provider for specific details on applicable fees.

Remember to keep your travel money card and cash secure while traveling. Store your card in a safe place and avoid displaying large amounts of cash in public. If your travel money card is lost, stolen, or retained by an ATM, contact your card provider immediately to report the incident and take appropriate actions.

Note that the steps provided above are general guidelines, and the actual process may vary depending on the specific travel money card provider and the ATM you use. It’s advisable to consult the documentation provided by your card issuer for detailed instructions on using your particular travel money card.

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