Does the Embassy or Consulate Tell Me Where to Book My Flight?

No, the embassy or consulate generally does not provide specific recommendations on where to book your flight. It is your responsibility as an applicant to arrange your travel plans, including booking your flights.

However, the embassy or consulate may require you to provide proof of a booked flight or itinerary as part of your visa application. They may ask for a copy of your flight reservation or a confirmed flight itinerary to verify your intended travel dates and arrangements.

You have the flexibility to choose where to book your flights, whether it’s through an airline’s official website, a travel agency, or online travel booking platforms. It’s important to ensure that your flight reservation or itinerary meets the requirements set by the embassy or consulate, such as displaying the correct dates, destinations, and passenger names.

Before making your flight reservation, carefully review the visa application guidelines provided by the embassy or consulate to understand the specific requirements for the flight documentation. If you have any doubts or questions, it’s recommended to contact the embassy or consulate directly for clarification.

Remember to only make flight reservations once you are confident about your travel plans and have a clear understanding of the visa requirements. It’s advisable to wait until you have received the visa or have a high likelihood of approval before purchasing non-refundable flight tickets.

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