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Do the Same Conditions Apply to Family Members?

The conditions for family members of Golden Visa applicants can vary depending on the specific Golden Visa program and the country offering it. However, in many cases, family members are included in the program and can benefit from the same or similar residency rights as the main applicant. Here are some general considerations:

Definition of Family Members: Golden Visa programs typically define eligible family members who can be included in the application. This may include a spouse or partner, dependent children, and sometimes dependent parents or grandparents.

Proof of Relationship: Family members will typically need to provide documentation to establish their relationship with the main applicant, such as marriage certificates, birth certificates, or other relevant documents.

Financial Requirements: Depending on the program, there may be additional financial requirements for family members. This can include an increase in the minimum investment amount or the need to demonstrate sufficient funds to support the family members.

Residency Rights: Family members included in the Golden Visa application generally have the same residency rights as the main applicant. They are typically allowed to live, work, and study in the country, and may also have access to benefits and services offered to residents.

Renewal and Duration: The residency rights of family members are typically tied to the main applicant’s Golden Visa. Therefore, they will need to renew their residency permits along with the main applicant, and the duration of their residency will be subject to the same terms as the main applicant.

It’s important to note that the specific conditions for family members can differ between Golden Visa programs and countries. It’s recommended to thoroughly review the requirements of the specific program you are interested in and consult with immigration lawyers or specialized advisors who can provide accurate and up-to-date information tailored to your circumstances.

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