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Can I rent a car in Paris without a physical driving license if I have an international driving license?

In most cases, you cannot rent a car in Paris or anywhere else without a physical driving license, even if you have an international driving license (IDL). An international driving license is not a standalone document and must be accompanied by your valid physical driving license from your home country.

An international driving license (International Driving Permit or IDP) serves as an official translation of your domestic driving license and is used to supplement it. It is not a substitute for a physical driving license. When renting a car, rental companies typically require both your physical driving license and the IDP for verification purposes.

Therefore, it is important to have your physical driving license with you when renting a car in Paris or any other location in France. Make sure your driving license is valid and in good condition. Additionally, check with the specific car rental company you plan to use to confirm their requirements regarding driving licenses and the acceptance of international driving licenses.

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