Can a newborn fly without a passport if accompanied by parents?

No, a newborn typically cannot fly without a passport, even when accompanied by parents. Most countries require individuals, including newborns, to have a valid passport for international travel. Passports serve as a form of identification and proof of citizenship or nationality.

When traveling internationally, each individual, regardless of age, usually needs their own passport. This includes infants, newborns, and children. The passport application process may have specific requirements for infants, such as providing proof of parentage and birth certificates.

It’s essential to check the passport requirements of the country you plan to visit or transit through, as well as the rules of the airline you will be flying with. The requirements can vary depending on the country of origin, destination, and any transit points along the way.

To ensure a smooth travel experience, it’s advisable to apply for a passport for your newborn well in advance of your planned trip. Contact your country’s passport office or embassy/consulate for specific instructions and guidance on how to obtain a passport for your newborn.

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