Are drinks included?

Whether or not drinks are included on a cruise depends on the cruise line and the specific package or fare you choose. Here are some common scenarios:

All-Inclusive Cruise Lines: Some cruise lines offer all-inclusive packages where certain beverages, including alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, are included in the cruise fare. These packages may vary in scope and may include a wide range of beverages such as water, soda, juices, coffee, tea, beer, wine, and select cocktails. However, premium or top-shelf brands may incur an additional charge.

Beverage Packages: Many cruise lines offer beverage packages that you can purchase separately. These packages typically provide unlimited access to a variety of beverages for a set price per day. The packages may include options such as soft drinks, water, coffee, tea, juices, beer, wine, spirits, and cocktails. It’s important to review the specific inclusions and exclusions of each package to determine if it suits your preferences and budget.

Pay-As-You-Go: If you do not have an all-inclusive package or a beverage package, drinks are typically available for purchase on a pay-as-you-go basis. This includes a wide range of beverages available at various bars, lounges, and restaurants on board. Each drink is individually priced, and the charges will be added to your onboard account.

Dining Room Beverages: In the main dining rooms, water, coffee, and tea are typically provided with your meal at no additional cost. However, other beverages such as soda, specialty coffees, and alcoholic drinks may have an additional charge.

It’s important to check the specific beverage policies of the cruise line you are sailing with, as they can vary. The cruise line’s website, pre-cruise documentation, or guest services desk on board should provide detailed information about beverage options, pricing, and any inclusive packages available.

If you have specific preferences or requirements regarding beverages, it’s recommended to familiarize yourself with the cruise line’s policies beforehand or consult with your travel agent for guidance. This will help you understand what is included and what may require additional payment, allowing you to plan and budget accordingly for your cruise.

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